pt ncs

- Are you looking for business partners who are truly trustworthy and have high integrity ? Do you know and know the company ? If you do not know the answer or did not know him , then will I introduce to you that pt NCS stands was PT . Archipelago Card Universe where already more than 20 years and serving the customer with the best quality service and integrity.

 - Provide innovative solutions , a safe , quick and delivery terakumudasi where the company has 60 branch offices and distribution arrangements best logistics and widespread as companies that have proven the integrity of the fastest delivery service both domestic and international express shipments . With his experience in the world of freight services and documents is certainly no doubt .

To give priority to ease, confidence and precision of  the

 - giving many options of service delivery. For domestic express services is prioritized by NCS to customers without the minimum number of documents or parcels throughout the territory in Indonesia. And for international express service NCS will pick up and deliver the goods in the form of the document, package, project cargo. Shipping to over 150 countries through some networks have become a strong business partner and reliable such as Singapore, Thailand, and for all of continental Europe and the United States.